How social media can boost your fashion eCommerce business?

The blending nature of social networks combined with clothing & accessories can go a long way in enhancing your brand awareness, generate website traffic, and successfully close the significant sales. With the help of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, fashion brands can get the right mileage resulting in high visual appeal and a captive audience.  

Let’s now look at some of the ways social media can be used to promote your eCommerce fashion brand and build a profitable business in the best possible way.

The Rising Domination of the Influencer 

The social media world has seen the rise of the influencer in recent times. Thanks to the micro-influencer, now is the chance for even the smaller fashion retail brands to reap the benefits. Let’s, first of all, understand the difference between influencer and micro-influencer. An influencer is a person who has a large online community consisting of engaged fans and followers. Whereas, a micro-influencer has comparatively fewer engaged following. Here, the quality of followers matters the most. 

The term influencer has a history attached to it. It started in the form of celebrity endorsements; however, it got prominence only after its emergence on social media. Today, fashion brands do not have to rely on paying hefty amounts to celebrities. They now target real-people living real lives and still making a huge chunk of profit. 

The problem starts when online fashion retail brands make the mistake of targeting fashion influencers with a large following. While this is the first sign of a good influencer, what really matters is the engagement level. It is actually good to have a small number of followers; however, the statistics do not mean anything if the influencer does not create an actual influence over their community. 

Remember, effective influencer marketing requires hard work and commitment. It takes time to develop relationships with influencers. You need to know the ins & outs of your influencer to take advantage of them. Keep this in mind, most of the influencers have taken time to establish themselves through hard work, time, and effort. 

There may be the case that it would have taken them years to create loyalty and engagement in the online community. This very reason makes it imperative for you to opt for influencer marketing with proper planning and strategy. You want a person who can be the real advocate that assists you in growing your business. Remember, building a relationship and maintaining it takes time.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content and fashion work as sync with each other. It can work as a word of mouth recommendation where customers promote your brand by sharing photos of themselves wearing your items. Your customers can upload Instagram photos wearing your outfits and tag your fashion brand’s hashtag to showcase on social media platforms. 

A hashtag also helps when it comes to filtering photos that include your products, especially when there are millions of photos on social media networks. It also acts as social proof for potential buyers. As a newcomer in the field of fashion eCommerce, you can run a competition and get user-generated photos that can be used across social media networks to showcase your newsfeeds and enhance your overall online engagement. 

Take Advantage of Pinterest

Pinterest is your perfect visual search engine that can pin up striking visuals on virtual boards. It is an ideal foil for fashion brands to promote their products. While it is true that you cannot use Pinterest to buy products directly through it, you can always create links to your images that can be linked back to a specific product’s page. It can work perfectly fine when it comes to building brand awareness, which can result in website traffic and direct sales.

Social media is a perfect tool for all online fashion retailers. It can provide a vital customer touchpoint that can aid in building awareness, driving website traffic, and even generating sales for your business.